We So Fancy…

It just so happens that I have the most wonderful, kind and generous family. Last August my husband and I were whisked away for 4 nights to Los Angeles…staying in West Hollywood and most importantly, the Chateau Marmont of all places! If you haven’t heard of the place, Google it! What a history!

From Dennis Hopper’s orgies to James Dean launching himself through windows, there is a long list of super famous guests and a lot of dramatic tales to go with them.

We spent our time there having a blast! We went to concerts, we hiked in the Hollywood Hills and we lunched on Malibu beach front. It was glorious.

I love my life…I really do, but for 4 nights I saw how the other half live and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried a little when my alarm went off the next day for me to head back into work. Poor, poor me!

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