My Mum Turns 60!

So my parents live in Spain.  They’ve been out there for over 11 years now, in a beautiful village called Villanueva De La Concepcion which is inland from Malaga.

My mum turned 60 in August last year and my husband and I decided to pretend we’d forgotten all about it and we enrolled the help of my Dad and sister to lie and con her until eventually we turned up at the doorstep to her utter bewilderment…and sobs!

My Aunt, Mum’s sister and her partner then surprised her even more the next night when they showed up unannounced too!  We spent, what felt like, the whole weekend laughing, dancing and drinking wonderful wine!

As is usually the case, we were the loudest, most badly behaved people in the restaurant/village/region that weekend and here are some pictures to prove it…

The main women in my life.

“….and I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more….”








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