So the most wonderful thing happened…

I received such a lovely message through my Facebook Photography page.  It was from a beautiful lady called Liz-Anne, asking if I would at all be interested in taking pictures at her husband’s 50th Birthday party the following Saturday.  I was incredibly touched by her kind words and was obviously well up for it!  What a wonderful opportunity for me to be flung into the deep end of events photography!  The pressure!!

I was so irrationally nervous to meet her and messaged my husband whilst sat waiting for her to arrive for our coffee date.  He immediately put my mind at ease straight away with a short, sweet message:  “You’re nervous because she might murder you and eat your organs”.

Thankfully, she didn’t and we had a lovely coffee date and chatted about guests, the set up and what her expectations were.

The day of the party soon arrived and I had butterflies in my stomach.  The party was absolutely superb!  The music and outfits were amazing and although it was tiring, the trickiest bit of the whole night was not flinging the camera to the floor and joining in the dancing.

I am so utterly grateful that Liz-Anne wandered into my life with her glorious family in tow and I am so very proud of myself for putting myself out there and embracing these opportunities.

I hope that this is the start of many!  Anyway, I have 500 business cards to get rid of now…call me!



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