Easter Break in The Highlands

We seem to gravitate towards Scotland. My husband thinks he’s Scottish. Both of his parents are from Glasgow but he was born in North Shields…”Just because you’re born in a stable, Emily, doesn’t make you a horse”!

My great Aunt also has a house on Loch Fyne so I have wonderful childhood memories of staying there.

Anyway, we left it to the last minute as usual and ended up getting a 5 bedroom cottage (just for the two of us) through Air BnB, in a place called Dinnet, near Aboyne in Aberdeenshire.

The journey there was slightly hair-raising due to an impromptu blizzard, a 16% incline and Anthony’s shitty rear-wheel-drive car. We got to the cottage just after midnight, kissed the gravel outside and opened some wine.

The weekend was then spent walking the dogs, visiting sleepy village pubs and then falling asleep watching The Office boxset in front of the log burner.

If you’ve not visited this part of Scotland then I’d strongly recommend it.







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