The Beast from the East!

So I laughed mockingly as my husband packed an over night bag for work the next day.  “There’s going to be 80cm of snow EMILY”, “We’re all going to die!”.  I honestly believed that there would be nothing on the ground the next morning.

At 2am, I woke for my timely night-widdle and saw a haze of white through the frosted bathroom window.

Cue 5 hours later and I’m on the beach with the hounds, and I can’t feel my extremities.

I did manage to fumble with the camera and get this little gem.  I’m very pleased with myself.  I love the colours and the overall feel of the photo.  I think it’s one for the wall.  I’ve never seen the beach look like this before…absolutely gorgeous!

















The lads were having a blast too and I inadvertently got this photo of three dogs…even though we only have two.  The one of the left is an impostor!  If Gary and Vincent were to make an album though…this would almost definitely be their album cover.  Album suggestions welcome.



















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